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Fountain pen Caran d'Ache CAELOGRAPH SIRIUS 45N LATITUDE, yellow gold-plated/1 diamond

Fountain pen Caran d'Ache CAELOGRAPH SIRIUS 45N LATITUDE, yellow gold-plated/1 diamond


CARAN D'ACHE presents its new writing instrument of Haute Ecriture, CAELOGRAPH, an exclusive tribute to one of mankind's fascinations: the sky

Writing instrument, observation tool, work of art? CAELOGRAPH is all of them at the same time

Its name means "that writes the sky" and allows to inform of the stars and constellation position whenever you want, thanks to a smart ring system
All the ingeniuity of this system stands on a 2 ring mechanism, one rotative, dedicated to the hours, one fixed, aimed for days and months
You just have to set the right positions to see the sky map adjusted ad momentum
A translucent sliding sleeve representing the skyline, the cardinal points and the zenith, is over the constellation to determine the visible part from where you are located

The CAELOGRAPH is also a technical challenge by its special process (so called "Mercanto") which allows to adorn very precisely the barrel and the cap with the 51 constellations and 353 stars which can be observed from the northern hemisphere
Barrel and cap are coated with a sumptuous blue night genuine China lacquer, barrel's tip is etched with a wind rose motif, the cap's clip is designed as a compass hand and one diamond is set on the star of Sirius
The extremely smooth and precise writing is brought by a 750 °/°° gold/rhodium nib

Finally, this prestigious pen is displayed in an exclusive box and supplied with a matching luxurious compass and a bottle of blue night ink, especially manufactured for this limited edition of 52 units worldwide

IMPORTANT : The sky map varying according to earth latitudes, the CAELOGRAPH is available for 20th, 30th and 45th parallel in each finishing
This model represents the sky map at the 45th parallel of the northern hemisphere, e.g. at the level of Paris, Adriatic Sea, Russia, China, Northern USA, Quebec...

Also available in platinum-plated or solid pink gold finishing, and in rollerball version

  • Night blue genuine China lacquer adorned with silver particles
  • Gold-plated parts
  • 1 diamond set on the star of Sirius
  • Translucent synthetic glass sleeve ring
  • 18 Kt/750°/°° yellow gold nib, medium wdth (also available in extra-fine, fine and broad nib on request; ask us)
  • Wind rose designed cabochon on barrel's tip
  • Compass hand designed clip
  • Twisted cap
  • Refill with bottled ink with the supplied removable converter or with international cartridges
  • Gilded palladium (2n) compass
  • Nigh blue bottled ink with gilded palladium (2n) twisted cap
  • DeLuxe box
  • Lifetime international guarantee
  • Made in Switzerland
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