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  • Do I have to create a customer account?

You can browse freely on our website, but in order to know both final sales prices to your destination and to calculate the shipping fees, it is recommended to create a customer account, which only takes a few minutes and will save your data for future orders.

To place an order, the creation of a customer account is mandatory.

  • How can I know the shipping fees prior ordering?

The simplest and fastest way is to create a customer account. The system will display the available options and prices matching your delivery address; no purchase is necessary before the payment process and you can try as many times you wish.

  • How much are the shipping fees and how to choose among the suggested options?

For deliveries within Metropolitan France, we suggest shipments by postal way, delivered with or without signature according to the chosen options.

For foreign countries: shipments are processed either by Colissimo International® or PostExport®* (average of 3 to 10 business days according to destinations), delivered by your local Post-Office, or by FedEx Express Economy® (average of 4 to 7 business days), door-to-door service and with signature required.

*due to security or legislation reasons, shipments by Colissimo International® or PostExport® may not be available for some countries


- Regards all items on the catalog (promotions included)

- Is eligible for deliveries to Metropolitan France & Monaco only (wherever your billing address is located)

- Minimum purchase is calculated on the nett value of items (with or without French sales tax)

REMARK : If you browse anonymously or if you have not selected/confirmed yet a delivery address in the order process, a countdown is displayed on the cart for you to check when the minimum purchase is reached. Nonetheless, this countdown disappears and shipping fees are added to your cart if you choose a delivery address which is located outside the free shipment zones. On the contrary, shipping fees will be kept/updated to "0" if you have both reached the minimum purchase AND if your delivery address is eligible for the free shipment zones.

- All free shipments will be sent by postal way by default, whatever your original choice is on the order form (FedEx service is available upon an extra fee; ask us)

  • Why your prices are different for the same item on the English and French version of your website?

Before knowing in which country you wish to be delivered, the French version displays by default prices with French Sales tax included (20%), the English version displays tax-free prices for export by default again. Once logged in your account the cart will possibly adjust prices according to your delivery address (for example, the French Sales Tax wll be added if your delivery address is located within the European Union such as United Kingdom, Italy or Germany, but will remain tax-free if your delivery address is in the USA, Australia or Switzerland).

  • I would like to be delivered to my office or to my vacation address..How do I proceed? 

Simply by creating a new delivery address from your customer account options (in "my addresses" section) and selecting it when asked to confirm your delivery address on the order procedure ("address" step)

  • I want to gift someone directly; is it possible and how much will I pay?

Yes, it is quite possible by creating a new delivery address from your customer account options (free service).

The delivery address is the one that determines the sales prices (tax-free or with French VAT included):

If the delivery address is located within the European Union (EU), the French Sales Tax (20%) must be paid when purchasing and it will be added automatically on the order form, even if your billing address is outside the EU.

On the contrary, if your delivery address is outside the EU*, you will pay tax-free only, for the export is processed by us, even if your billing address is within the EU.

*however, please note that for countries outside the EU, you or the recipient will have to pay possible import taxes and customs fees, depending on domestic laws of the country of destination.


  • How can I track my order?

When you place an order on our website, 3 emails are sent to you:

1/ the order resume: reminder of your billing/delivery address, ordered item(s) and total amount (a copy is saved in your custommer account in the "my orders" section)

+ an optional email as a reminder, if your order includes one or several items with a prior notice as displayed on the item-page near the "add to cart" button

2/ the preparation status: confirmation of payment and availability of the ordered items (onstock or consequent to the supplier" confirmation for items with a notice prior shipment), 

3/ the shipment of your order: with your tracking number (if available)

  • What is the delivery notice?

As soon as the order is shipped : D + shipment notice according to your selected option (Monday to Friday (FedEx), or Monday to Saturday (Colissimo Suivi in France/Monaco) = delivery 

Metropolitan France (Corsica and Monaco included) 

Colissimo suivi® = D+2 delivery, with or without recipient's signature, with tracking number

Lettre Suivie® (formaly "Lettre Max"®) = regular mail notice dropped in your mailbox without signature and with tracking number

Foreign countries

PostExport® (or Colissimo International®) : D+3 to 10 according to destinations, delivery with or without signature according to the value of your order

FedEx Express® : D+4 to 7 according to destination, signature required


  • I live outside France. How much are the custom taxes that I will have to pay?

If the delivery is within the EU, no custom taxes must be paid (French Sales Tax is already paid on your order)

For the rest of the world (French Overseas Territories and Switzerland included), as a general rule, local sales tax + possible custom taxes are to be paid upon delivery, based on the total of paid order, shipping fees included.

Further information is available, either from the Custom Services, your local  Post-Office or to a FedEx agency

  • The package has arrived with a delay. Can I refuse the delivery? 

No, accept it in any case, for the responsability of the shipment is transferred to the carrier as soon as the package leaves our stocks and you shall not be able to ask for a possible compensation on shipping fees if a notice is guaranteed.

In case of a delay by Colissimo Suivi 48h®, the shipping fees will be compensated by us after confirmation by the online tracking (see the General Sales Conditions of Colissimo® on for possible exclusions).

For FedEx Express®, please contact us for the possible compensation, if available in your case.

  • My package is lost or was received spoilt. How can I complain?

In any case, even if the package seems in a perfect condition, we strongly advise you to inspect the content in the presence of the delivery agent; your signature on the delivery receipt is considered as an acceptance of conformity of the shipment.

If the package is spoilt and seems to have been opened/closed again*,refuse it to be allowed to a possible refund.

*Caution: please note that for international shipments, packages can be checked by the customs for security/inspection reasons; check content before refusing your order

If a package cannot be tracked (with or without tracking number), please contact us in order to inquire from the carrier.

By default, in case of loss, robbery or spoilage, Colissimo Suivi® includes a limited insurance of 23 euros/kg maximum (shipping fees included) as by 9/1/2010.

For FedEx Economy®, compensations are limited to the highest amount between the applicable amounts from the Warsaw Convention or equal to 22€ /kg, as by 9/1/2010.


  • I am not confident to order for I don't wish to pay online with my credit card

Although our system is very secure*, if you are not comfortable with this way to pay, choose the option by bank transfer or  "payment by fax" or  as suggested in the order process (et the "payment" step)

* direct payment on our LCL (Le Crédit Lyonnais) bank secured server (SSL 256 bits). By this external system, we don't have any knowledge of your full credit card data and we don't save any financial data on our servers.

  • What is your antispam policy?

We just hate spam just like you do and we do respect your privacy. As mentioned in our General Sales Conditions, all your confidential data (such as name, address, phone, e-mail,...), will never be sold or lent to any external partners of the SKRIPTA-Paris Group, even for free.

The only messages you can get from us as a registered customer are the order steps of your orders, further necessary information regarding a pending order, responses to your messages sent to us, and possibly our newsletters if you have subscribed to them (you can unsubscribe/subscribe again anytime by managing your options on your customer account).


  • How can I modify or cancel my order?

Don't postpone your decision for we ship very quickly (at least for all onstock items)!

2 solutions to advise us:

1/ Log in your account, check your pending order status ("my orders" section), click on the link to display the details, you will find a message field at bottom of the page, to fill with your comments (don't forget to confirm with the send button)


2/ Send us back your order resume asap and tell us what you wish to modify (or cancel)

- If your order is ready but not shipped yet, we still can modify or cancel it

- If your order is already shipped and yet to be received, just refuse the package (please advise us of your decision before you get the parcel)

- If you already have received your package, log in your account, click on "my orders"  section then on your order number and ask a return following the instructions at the bottom of the page (see further info on our "return policy" below)

  • I wish to return one or several items. Can I ask for an exchange or be refunded?

You can return an item still in new condition that would not meet your expectations.

- for an exchange or a credit note, within a 2 (two) week notice, starting from delivery date,

- for a full refund, within a maximum notice of 14 (fourteen) days, starting from delivery date (deliveries outside Metropolitan France/Monaco and Overseas French Territories are excluded, and refunds are based on value of items only)

Return fees are at your expenses in all cases

*on sale, discounted seasonal (planners) and customized items are excepted; returned items must be still on fresh condition and with all their original supplied accessories (box, instructions, warranty card, batteries, A/C cord/charger, etc.).


  • I have received an item but it does not work

We inspect carefully all our items upon our supplies and once more before shipment;. However, if you notice a possible defect or malfunction, please contact first our services who will try to help you without a return (for electronic devices, read carefully the instructions before any operation, plugging on AC or insert batteries,...).

If a solution cannot be found from a distance, we shall give you instructions for an exchange or refund (see item on our "return policy" below)

  • I have spoilt the nib of the fountain pen I bought from you. How to fix it?

We sell some spare parts from our selections of brands (Lamy, Faber-Castell, Caran d'Ache, Pilot,…) that you can purchase separately in order to change the part yourself easily.

If the pen needs to be returned to the manufacturer's after sales services:

- If you are in France, you can either return your item to us (see item on our "return policy" below), or ship it directly to the manufacturer's after sales services (please ask us for addresses).

- If you live outside France a lot of our selected brands have a local representation for a quicker service, but you can also return the item  to us if you still prefer (see item on our "return policy" below).

In the case of a paying service over 50 (fifty) euros or over 50% of the original value of the item, a quotation will be sent to you to ask for your prior agreement.

  • I have an item that was not bought from you, but  as you carry the brand, can you take care of repairs?

We don't have a repair workshop and all after sales services are sent to the concerned manufacturer's.

You can return your item by visiting our Paris shop or by sending it back to us (see item on our "return policy" below); we can also give you After Sales Services addresses that will take care of the repair for you directly. for a quicker and cheaper service.

  • And if you don't carry the brand of my pen?

Unfortunatelly, we don't have access to After Sales Services of the brands we don't distribute. We invite you to contact an official dealer (in most of cases, lists of dealers are available on the  manufacturer's websites).


In order to avoid unnecessary shipments and related costs (unrepairable item, expired warranty, misuse, etc.), we invite you to contact us prior any return

Returned items without a return number displayed outside your shipment may be refused and returned to you, at your expenses (or at your disposal at our Paris shop


  • I am looking for items for business gifts/I wish to buy in big quantities. Do you have special sales conditions/can you customize items?

Yes. We invite you to check out our targeted selections on our professional site; for special requests, purchases in large quantities and customized items, our teams are trained to assist you with our special selections at the best prices for this type of order.

  • Can I get a catalog of your products?

A printer-friendly catalog is available online; we don't print any paper catalog due to regular changes in our selections and our green-friendly policy, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask, we shall be happy to assist you.

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